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2 Amazing Bohemian Furniture Painting Finishes to Try Right Now!

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Create a gorgeous Bohemian Vibe using an old dresser.


It’s safe to say I love creating new finishes for old, worn pieces.  Bohemian style has been gaining in popularity across the globe, so I wanted to try something bright, yet still weathered, and ancient looking.

I started perusing my inspiration board Pinterest (like, where else would I go?), and saw this pic of an old door with tons of natural weathering and corrosion.  I instantly knew this was what I wanted to replicate on my dresser! IMG_3330

(image source: Pinterest)

I began by grabbing my go to paint for projects like this: DIY Paint in Bohemian Blue, Prom Queen, Kissing Booth, and Sandy Blonde.

Next, I knew I wanted to add texture, so I pulled out my foils and some foil medium from Artistic Painting Studio, some stamps and some transfers.

You can watch the whole whole video series on my YouTube channel, but here is Part 1 to get you started.


Create this Drippy Boho Look With Only a Few Products!

I was dying to use Golden Ticket from DIY Paint on something, and started searching my inventory of dressers to see what I might use.  I knew I wanted something with clean lines so I could create the drippy look I was dreaming about in my head.

I found this dresser, (which was missing quite a few pulls), but had the clean, straight lines I wanted.


I had the Gypsy Queen transfer from Prima Marketing in hand, and I wanted to use the idea of “gypsy” when choosing colors for my background.  Golden Ticket was a “no brainer”. Gypsy’s are adorned in metallic jewels duh! The other colors that immediately came to mind were red and blue.  My first choice for blue had to be DIY Paint Bohemian Blue and then a lighter tone to help balance.  I once again chose Prom QueenCarnival Red was the easy choice for a nice pop of color.

I grabbed my brushes, my squirt bottle and off I went!

You can view the whole video series on my YouTube channel, but here is a look at part 1.


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