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2 Easy Projects Using Petticoat Pink

I can’t believe we are already full into February.  Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!! I’m still celebrating my Color of the Month, Petticoat Pink!! This week, I have two really fun projects using two different techniques using Petticoat Pink.  Come check it out!

1. A lovely Valentine

So I was wandering around Hobby Lobby looking for clearance items and lo and behold! I saw these pretty hearts in the Spring section (currently 40% off!). I grabbed the last three on the shelf and did a little happy dance (woo hoo!).


So I grabbed my Petticoat Pink, some Crystal Clear Chandelier Liquid Patina, Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina, and the BEAUTIFUL RoyCycled Queen Bee Tissue.  I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!


I did two versions with the same paper, and still have more to use from the same sheet!!


Which one do you like better? Let me know in the comments below!

Check out the live video for the exact instruction on how to make these!! PS- Isn’t Jill’s so cute too??!!!

2. From Dumpster to Beautiful

I have been totally guilty of slamming on my brakes to grab free things on the side of the road.  I have found so many awesome pieces of furniture, lamps, home decor, etc. Do you do this?  Well, Jill got lucky enough to find a bunch of these bins, and a whole ton of wood in a dumpster behind a very popular store (can you guess which one?).


(Side note- I’m appalled they were throwing these things away- to rot in a landfill.  I’d say those practices need to be questioned!)

Well, I couldn’t wait to make something out of these boxes (I LOVE boxes!). Out came the Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina (again! hee hee), I also grabbed the Petticoat Pink, and some clear wax.  I had a piece of the Overflowing Love transfer – so I grabbed that too.

Watch the video to see how it turned out!! LOVE!!!!

As you can see, Petticoat Pink is sooooo versatile! Stay tuned next week for an amazing collaboration with a really cool DIY Paint retailer.

Until then,

Jane xoxo

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