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2 Gorgeous UpCycled Hat Boxes Using Petticoat Pink

Well, we are smack dab in the middle of February. Valentine’s Day is over and the dole-drums are setting in.  Good thing I’m still celebrating my color of the month, DIY Paint Petticoat Pink!

I was so excited to collab with Michelle from Serendipity House this week.  When I asked her what she wanted to create, she mentioned that she had some hat boxes laying around, and I was all in!!

1. A Dark Wax Masterpiece

Michelle started by grabbing this hat box.  It’s cute as is, but just wait until you see what she does with the Petticoat Pink and Dark Wax!


Here is the finished piece!


And LOOK at the detail in the birds (oooh mama!).


Want to see how she did it?  Check out her step-by-step video right here!!

2. A Mixed Media Hat Box Dream

I started out with a Victorian patterned hat box that REALLY needed some updating.


I forgot to take a before pic- I was in a big hurry to cover up this chaos! (oops!)

I started with Crinoline and added from there.  Check out how this got started (and look at Jills fun hat box too!!) right here:

Well, I didn’t have enough time to finish during the video, but I am making progress.  I went live again to show you my process.  Messy as it may be (hee hee).  Check out part 2 here:

I’m going LIVE on Facebook all this week to finish my hat box.  Make sure you join me at Morning Dew Creations on Facebook to see me finish.  Can’t come to Facebook?  I’ll have my finished hat box in next weeks blog post as well.

Have you ever done a hat box?  Show me in the comments below!

Until we meet again,



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