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2 Up Cycled Foot Stool Projects You Will Want to Try!

So in the midst of all of the really disturbing COVID-19 news, I am so happy to have my amazing community of artists and makers to turn to.  I swear, if I didn’t have art supplies in my studio – I’d probably go nuts!

I’m still celebrating Monet’s Garden as my color of the month!  This week, I have collaborated with BJ from Junk’d Up and The Pickled Pair.  I love these collaborations because I pick the color, and my collaborators pic the project! It keeps me on my toes – that’s for sure!

BJ decided on a foot stool – she had one sitting around that she had been meaning to do- so this was the perfect excuse!

1. A Hobby Lobby Make-Over

I did not have a stool laying around my abode, so I really wanted to find one from a thrift store or an antique store.  Well, my plan went seriously awry! I could not find a used stool anywhere – I went to four different thrift and antique stores and NOTHING! Can you even believe that?  Who knew stools were so hard to find?

I ended up going to Hobby Lobby. I can usually find what I am looking for there – plus – it is right down the road from my house.  Easy peasy!

Here is what I found.  It is super cute and has the look of something handmade with cut out sides and visible dowels on top.


I gathered my supplies and got started. Monet’s Garden reminds me of Spring, so I grabbed some Cake Batter, a transparency and pretty flower transfer from the Floral Collection .


Want to see how I did it?  Here is the full video.  What do you think?

Here is my finished stool.  I really like how it turned out.


Does this make you want to go Hobby Lobby now?  (tee hee)

2.  Stepping it Up With a Pop of Pink!

This cast-off step stool has been completely transformed! Monet’s Garden was layered over Kissing Booth and Summer Crush to create a beautiful and bold time worn finish. Pieces of the Iron Orchid Designs Wander transfer were used as a nod to the bountiful blooms found at Monet’s Gardens in Giverny, France. And to give the humble step stool a little extra something, the Bohemia stamp was applied.

This is what she started with.  Cast-off indeed!


Check out her step-by-step video right here:

Just look at how beautiful the finished piece is!! I LOVE it!!


Isn’t it just sweet?  I am swooning!! Seriously.  It’s so pretty.


I hope these projects are inspiring you to try Monet’s Garden.  It blends so well with so many colors, and it is slowly becoming one of my all time favorite colors!

Next week I will recap the month and bring you some more beautiful photos and inspiration using Monet’s Garden.  Happy painting!



1 thought on “2 Up Cycled Foot Stool Projects You Will Want to Try!

  1. Hi Jane! These are the prettiest stools I have ever seen. Thank you for the inspiration. I definitely need to invest in some IOD transfers. I have plenty of Prima transfers but they are not what I’m going for these days. I have moved over to the IOD side. I have the Bohemia stamp and Bohemia transfer. Thanks again!

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