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3 Mid-Century DIYs for Your Bedroom

Decorating a stylish, modern home on a budget is a fun challenge. Genuine mid-century modern furniture and décor can cost a lot. But there are always ways to embrace a style and save money. These DIYs are fun, easy and they look impressive!

Create A Matching Set of Mid-Century Bedroom Furniture

A complete mid-century bedroom set is hard to find. If you’re lucky enough to come across one, chances are it’s going to be expensive. But with a little ingenuity and patient shopping, you can make mis-matched furniture look like a set.


Image source: https://www.homedit.com/mid-century-modern-bedrooms/mid-century-modern-bedroom-with-furniture/?utm_term=bedroom&utm_campaign=4765265333

First, make sure your bed frame is right. It should have straight, clean lines and no base board. Mid-century headboards come in many styles. Some had built-in bookshelves, others were button-tucked fabric. If you want to update your bed, scout out a good headboard.


Image source: thisisnotmylifeforever.tumblr.com
Now look at your night stands. Are they matching? If not, they need to be. The goal is symmetry. It is perfectly okay to take two non-matching night stands and re-finish them to look the same – same paint color, stain color, etc.  . It’s ok if they don’t match your bed frame perfectly. Check out this set I did a few years ago.  They are definitely not the same – but they look so good together don’t they?


The three styles work so well together!


One other word about furniture. Wood finishes are ideal. Preferably teak wood or blonde stain.When you are hunting down furniture at sales and thrift stores, try to find similar wood stains or veneers.

Now it’s time to tie them all together. Clean the secondhand furniture by lightly sanding, then cleaning with Simple Green or TSP.  Next, break out the paint–but don’t go crazy. It’s important to keep a mostly wood finish. Pick one thing to paint on the side tables like drawers, legs, or the frame. Leave the rest wood finish. Do the same to the bed frame and headboard. If your paint color contrasts with the wall, paint the headboard. If it contrasts with the floor, paint the legs, etc. Giving mismatched pieces something in common makes them look like they belong together.

Paint An Upholstered Chair

Every bedroom needs a statement chair-or even a loveseat. It’s the one piece you can let loose and try bold patterns or even a new DIY like painting fabric. Used chairs are easy to come by, but finding an upholstered vintage chair in good shape? That’s tricky.

Revive the fabric without breaking the bank using paint. Before starting you should know that painting fabric changes the surface texture to a kind of flexible vinyl. Don’t expect a soft fabric finish. You will need chalk paint, a fine mist spray bottle with water and a paint brush. First, remove the cushions and tape off any wood frame you want to protect. Working in sections, spray the fabric with water and apply a thin coat of paint. It will take several layers for full coverage. When finished, let dry completely and then apply a thin coat of sealer if desired. Paint the cushions to match. Play around with patterns, stencils and colors. This is your statement chair. Have fun with it!

Check out Debi Beard from Debi’s Design Diary painting this velvet piece.

Make A Concrete Block Side Table

This is possibly the easiest DIY you will ever do. You will need 6 cinder blocks. Stand 4 blocks upright to make a square. Face the holes outward to make cubby shelves. Lay the last 2 blocks horizontally to make the tabletop. Paint the blocks to match your color scheme for a pop of color! Here are a few images for inspiration:


Image source: https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/how-to-make-cinderblock-furniture-look-good-205202


Image source: https://ciprianicharlesdesigns.wordpress.com/2015/06/12/creative-uses-for-cinder-blocks/


Image source: c.ilahi1001.com

I hope you have time to try one, or all, of these DIYs. And if you do, be sure to share pictures!

Happy Holidays!!



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