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5 Insanely Beautiful Bohemian Style Area Rugs to Design a Room Around

5 Tips to Get Started Creating Your Bohemian Living Room.

Starting with a rug makes it so easy to choose wall color, furniture and accessories! Here are 5 Tips to make it easy!


Tip 1: Start with a multi-colored rug.

Choosing a rug with distressed color makes it easy to put a bold color on your walls.  Select your wall color from any of the main pockets of color in a rug like this – where the tones are noted – but are also a little distressed, making it easy to coordinate your pops of color using furniture and accessories like accent pillows, throws, baskets and potted plants.

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Tip 2: Use a very bright rug as the main focal point.

When you are in a space that needs a more neutral wall (think rental spaces), you can grab a very bright rug to use as the focal point in the room.  Be careful with your furniture choices here.  If you want very bright and bold furniture, chances are it will clash with the bold and bright rug, making an overall eyesore.  The great thing about Bohemian style is that you can use bits and pops of metallics, so that all of your main pieces do not have to be just white or cream with a bold rug like this. Think pillows, bar/coffee carts, poufs and lighting for more metallic accents.  This will help the eye flow all the way around the room, helping to create a cohesive Boho look.

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Tip 3: You do not have to have crazy color to achieve a Bohemian look.

Navy is the perfect color to start with if you love Boho, but not huge color.  This rug gives a few bursts of orange and pink – you’ll use these as accents throughout the room.  Think frames for the walls, pretty floral arrangements and an occasional throw or pillow.

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Tip 4: Repetitive patterns in your rug help bring a whole room (and style) together.

Feel free to use multiple colors in your furniture pieces, your accent tables and wall color.  Choose from colors in the rug, so everything melds nicely together.  You can even mix your metallics for an overall luxurious aesthetic in the room.

You can order this rug here.



Tip 5: Go neutral on the floor to make your metallics pop!

Starting with a patterned, but neutrally colored rug really lets your metallics shine like the starts they are.  Bring more metallics in with frames, mirrors, poufs and lighting.  Your rug will still show beautifully, but will not take away from the gorgeous metals you love so much.

You can oder this rug here.

I hope this helps you to bring Bohemian style and function together in your home!

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