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5 Keys to Farmhouse Kitchen Style

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Looking for a farmhouse kitchen update? There are several things you can do without breaking the bank. From galvanized accents to paint, just keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to customize a rustic style on a budget.

1. Paint Your Kitchen Cupboards

I know some people think painting cabinets is a sin. But guess what? You can do it and the before/after results are remarkable. First, choose a color. A great tip is to paint your lower cupboards darker and your top cupboards light. The updated farmhouse look generally means grays, black, white and even dark greens. You’ll want to choose an all-surface paint like chalk or milk paint.  Prep is key.  Make sure you clean all of your cabinets well ahead of time, and remove all the hardware. Tape off along the paint line. Don’t rush the process. Paint at least 2 coats, letting each layer dry completely. This prevents chipping and will ensure the paint lasts longer. Finally, since kitchen cupboards are heavily used, I recommend a top quality sealer like General Finishes High Performance TopCoat.  You can get it right here.

Check out this video of me painting my own cabinets:

2. Update Kitchen Cupboard Hardware

It’s such a simple thing, but hardware dates a kitchen. Buying new hardware is a lot cheaper than buying new cupboards. Brass is trending right now. But shop around and find the style and finish that’s right for your space. Be sure to coordinate with other hardware like light fixtures. Having the same accent colors everywhere will make your room look cohesive and professionally finished.


Image Source: https://kok.picgratz.com/41-rustika-lantbrukskokideer-for-att-gora-matlagning-roligare/


Image Source: https://aacmm.com/chic-farmhouse-kitchen-design-and-decorating-ideas/✔62-chic-farmhouse-kitchen-design-and-decorating-ideas-38/#main


Image Source: https://aacmm.com/chic-farmhouse-kitchen-design-and-decorating-ideas/✔62-chic-farmhouse-kitchen-design-and-decorating-ideas-39/#main

3. Make Your Own Farmhouse Kitchen Island

This tip may not apply to everyone, but it’s good to keep in mind. The kitchen island is literally the center of the room. So updating it can really transform the space. Here are some options for kitchen islands you can install yourself:

  • Buy a stainless steel counter on caster wheels. These are available at places like Costco or Wal-Mart. They are generally designed for restaurants but make an outstanding home kitchen addition. Look for a model with a lower shelf and buy some hooks for the end to hang towels.
  • Soften the stainless steel with a couple natural wood barstools. Another island idea is to use a dresser.
  • Have a piece of butcher block cut slightly larger and use wood adhesive to attach to the top. Add caster wheels to the legs. The combined butcher block and wheels should add enough height for a counter. And think of all those drawers for storage!
  • If you like the industrial look, salvage a metal tool cabinet for an island. The mix of shallow and deeper drawers offers a lot of different storage options.

Here, I added a butcher block to the top of this chunky cabinet.  It’s such a gorgeous addition!


4. Try A Unique Rustic Kitchen Light Fixture

Farmhouse style mixes rough finishes with modern flair. Look for a unique object to convert into a statement light fixture. Examples might be a galvanized metal trash can, vintage baskets, metal cheese graters or a colander, old bottles, etc. You can buy these vintage-inspired fixtures or try a little DIY. Hang the statement piece over the island, above the kitchen sink or above a breakfast nook table.  Again, keep the hardware consistent with cupboard hardware and other fixtures.


Image Source: http://blogkaitlynlighting.newsalertpro.ru/6962652-best-farmhouse-kitchen-lighting-mason-jars-dining-rooms-47-ideas-inn4.html


Galvanized Metal Grater Light Fixture Farmhouse Style Kitchen

5. Kitchen House Plants and Clutter-Free Counters

My final tip for a farmhouse kitchen is to add plants and clear off your counters. Potted herbs smell good and are practical for cooking and making infused waters. Mint, basil and rosemary are my favorites. But oregano, thyme, parsley and tarragon are also good. If there’s room on top of the cupboards, add a couple ferns or a spider plant. In general, throw in pops of green a few places. We all know the kitchen counter accumulates clutter like no other place in the house. If you want that clean, updated farmhouse look, keep the counters bare with just a few containers to organize things like coffee, tea and utensils. Find hiding places for the appliances you rarely use inside cabinets and remove the knick knacks. It will make a huge difference.


Image Source: https://jesie.site/april-karschner-on-instagram-having-a-tray-on-the-counter-keeps-kitchen-esse/


Image Source: https://stacyturnercreations.com/products/mason-jar-utensil-holder-mason-jar-kitchen-decor-rustic-kitchen-decor-neutral-rustic-mason-jar-kitchen-decor-christmas-gift-under-30?variant=34118238794


I’d love to see your kitchen! Send a picture.

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