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6 Gorgeous Pieces Using White Swan

Well it’s January and that means a fresh new year, and a fresh new Decade!! In honor ion those things, I have decided to start celebrating all of the amazing colors ing the DIY Paint line.

To me, starting off the new year means so many things.  A sense of renewal, a fresh start, snow (hee hee).  So I have decided to start with White Swan.  This color is so sophisticated and soft at the same time.  It’s super versatile too.

I have 7 pieces that some of our AMAZING retailers finished.  Check out the glorious beauty!!

I can’t even express how much I love this piece from BJ Massa of the The Pickled Pair.  It is so stinking charming and has just the right amount of contrast. She used White Swan with a wash of Gravel Road.  I could stare it this for days…..

Find this and more on FB at The Pickled Pair



This next piece was done by Michelle Phippard of Serendipity House, LLC.  Here, White Swan was painted with Black Wax (swoon!!).  What a classic love affair, black and white. It’s perfectly messy and subdued definition will stand the test of time for sure.

Find this and more on FB at Serendipity House, LLC. 


This fabulous kitchen set was done by Christina Cardinal from The Turned Leg. I just think the lightly distressed chairs look fantastic with the almost chippy look she achieved on the table. I LOVE how the sanded the top just enough so that the grain of the table top started to show through.  OMG!! It’s so good!

Find this and more on FB at The Turned Leg.



This fantastic rocking chair is brought to you by Heather Varga from Past Forward. Its perfectly distressed for a slightly worn look.  You could change out the look every season with a pillow and throw blanket.  How fun is that?

Finds this and so much more on FB at Past Forward.



This waterfall dresser from Aspen Staples-Wendler at Gray Day Relics is so cool with a variety of transfers giving it a well traveled look!  The clean look of White Swan pairs so well with these distressed charcoal transfers.  I love how the pulls make each drawer look a little like a suitcase!

Find this and more on FB at Gray Day Relics.



Brandy Wolski at The Cozy Cottage created this gorgeous oval sofa table in distressed White Swan.  Look at how smooth that finish is!  Absolutely dreamy….

Find this on FB at The Cozy Cottage.



Which one of these is your favorite? Tell me in the comments below!

PS- stay tuned this month for more amazing projects using White Swan.  I’ll be collaborating with some special guests too.  You don’t want to miss it!



6 thoughts on “6 Gorgeous Pieces Using White Swan

  1. I like the way the table and chairs are done. They have a real “homey” feel!

    1. Right?! And if the kids scuff it a little you would never know!!

    2. The dining room set is just perfectly beautiful!! I have a similar one in my dining room right now but this makes me want to break out my sander!!!

      1. Right? The artist actually came back and told me that she used the IOD Wood Plank stamp on the top! So Cool!!

  2. I just love white furniture. Everything white would be okay with me, with changing accent pieces for the seasons. My house is not all white for sure, but I really think it is where my heart is right now. In the latest publication of Farmhouse Style magazine, there is a vintage shop in St. Louis, MI which is featured…painted furniture of course! All white…I would love my shop to look like “The White Rabbit”, but I’m sure that not everyone loves white like me. Still….bring on the White Swan!

    1. It really is classically beautiful and so clean!

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