2 Amazing Bohemian Furniture Painting Finishes to Try Right Now!

This post contains affiliate links. Create a gorgeous Bohemian Vibe using an old dresser. It’s safe to say I love creating new finishes for old, worn pieces.  Bohemian style has been gaining in popularity across the globe, so I wanted to try something bright, yet still weathered, and ancient looking. I started perusing my inspiration […]

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5 Insanely Beautiful Bohemian Style Area Rugs to Design a Room Around

5 Tips to Get Started Creating Your Bohemian Living Room. Starting with a rug makes it so easy to choose wall color, furniture and accessories! Here are 5 Tips to make it easy! Tip 1: Start with a multi-colored rug. Choosing a rug with distressed color makes it easy to put a bold color on […]

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Nests in Your Hair, Part 2

You can watch the video version of this project on my YouTube Channel.   When we last chatted, I was letting the Big Top dry over the background and was ready to start creating my girl. I lightly sketched in the girl with a soft charcoal pencil.  The lines are easy to erase if you […]

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Nests in Your Hair: Part 1

You can see the video version of this on my YouTube Channel. Funny Story.  I earmarked this page in Stampington & Company’s “Hand Crafted” magazine in 2011.  Seven years ago! Flipping back through this year, I found this quote from Confucius so pertinent to my life.  “You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying […]

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Mixed Media Bird Part 2

You can watch the video version of this project on YouTube! I wanted some kind of graphic that would mimic the round idea of “sun”.  I thought this clock transfer from IOD was just perfect.  I peeled of the white backing, and placed it in a few different locations, looking for the perfect fit.  That […]

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Mixed Media Bird Part 1

Mixed Media Bird Tutorial Part 1 (You can watch this on my YouTube channel here) Time passes by so quickly, it’s a wonder we get anything done. I love the sweetness of this piece so much.  It speaks volumes on how we can choose to see the world, and choose to see its goodness, and […]

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