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Create the Perfect Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom

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Have you dreamt about a magazine-perfect farmhouse bedroom? You can create it! The bedroom is where we begin and end our days. It should be perfect, right? But oftentimes we put off a bedroom makeover for other house projects. Here’s what I’ve learned. If I can wake up and go to sleep in a lovely setting, the days seem better. So let’s go through a few simple steps for a modern farmhouse bedroom makeover. 

Establish A Color Palette

First, stand back and evaluate what you have. It’s expensive to go out and buy all new. Sometimes all you need is a few new pieces. Editing is also important. Take out what doesn’t match. Start by establishing a color palette for the room. There should be 2 main colors and 1-2 accent colors. You’ll most likely wind up painting walls a/o furniture. Make sure your bed frame and side tables are either the same color or on the same brightness scale. For instance, if your bed frame is black, the side tables should be a darker finish. Start a Pinterest board to gather all of your thoughts and ideas.  You can view mine here.


Image source: The Flooring Girl.com

Layer Your Bed Linens

A mix of textures makes a bed irresistible. The key for a farmhouse bed is to keep the linens neutral. Mix ivories and whites with grays and beiges. For patterns, introduce a buffalo check or ticking stripe. Chenille, ruffles, tassels and embroidery add dimensional touches. Mix and match away. It will work if you stick with a consistent color palette. Also, quilts and bedspreads are a great way to update your room for a season. Maybe a red buffalo check for the holidays or orange gingham pattern for fall. A duvet is a smart investment. Just change the cover seasonally.


Image Source: naturerenewcleanses.net

Boho Touches

The new farmhouse trend calls for a few boho touches like woven tapestries, baskets, tassels and fringe. Throw a few accent pillows on the bed with some beadwork and embellishments. Add a basket by a chair or create a basket gallery wall above your bed. A few houseplants also livens the room. It’s okay to add faux plants. They’re looking pretty good these days.


I am in LOVE with this set.  You can put extra linens inside, books, magazines, and scarves inside. You can grab yours using this link.

Upcycle A Unique Piece of Furniture

Keep your room from looking store bought with at least one upcycled piece. A chair or small table, or even a statement piece tall chest or dresser will work. Try a new paint technique, give basic upholstery a shot and maybe even incorporate some decoupage. The key is to keep your design simple and easy to execute. This is a great opportunity to infuse the room with your personality.


Farmhouse Bedroom Area Rugs are A Must

Even if you have carpet, an area rug will define your space and give furniture a sense of placement. In the bedroom, an area rug is best used under your bed and side tables. Be sure the rug extends out at least 6 inches on both sides and end. If a large area rug is not in your budget, find plush runners for each side of the bed. Sinking your feet into a cozy rug is a luxury you can afford. Keep the colors neutral. These days, they’re making rugs to look worn and antiqued. These are perfect and will add a sense of history to your room.


Image Source: homebusinezz.com

Rustic Storage Solutions

I always need more storage. Especially in the bedroom. What I love most about farmhouse decorating is incorporating antiques and utilitarian pieces for organization. Galvanized metal containers are great for extra blankets and pillows. Store sweaters or bulky items in wood crates. If your room is small, consider elevating the bed and rolling crates under it. Also, a bench at the foot of the bed should have storage. Utilize every space. Keep decorative accessories consistent and buy multiples of the same item for uniformity.  Check out this video I did using napkins to upcycle an ordinary ball jar.  You can do this same technique on metal containers too!

Add Personal Touches

This is YOUR room. Make it about you. Is there a quote you love? Frame it. Favorite books? Stack them. Make yourself a spa basket and keep it by your bed. Fill it with lotion, tissues, cough drops, snacks and bottled water. 


Image Source: googodecor.com

Treat yourself to a beautiful farmhouse bedroom. You deserve it.

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