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Easy Old World Finish

Well, here we are in the middle of May, 2020.  My state is still sheltering in place, and my hair looks like Rod Stewart’s hair from 1978.  All kidding aside, I’m grateful for my health, my families health, and the ability to escape to my studio to create.  The weather around here has been super crummy too.  Very cold and snowy.  Yesterday was Mother’s Day and it was FREEZING!!  Snow flakes and rain with temps in the 30’s.  That is living in Wisconsin in a nutshell 😂.

Decoupaging with the Diva’s

Last week, I was asked to participate in a three day decoupage party over on the RoyCycled Treasures Facebook Page. Each night, for three nights, three different retailers showed a project using the fabulous RoyCycled tissue papers (PS- you can get them right here on my website!). This is the paper I used- isn’t it gorgeous? 💕

#12 Art Deco Peacock Decoupage Thumbnail

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I wrapped up the party on Tuesday evening using the Peacock Tissue on this super cool small vintage hutch.


I wanted to use the paper in the inserts on the main part of the piece.  Check out my live video showing you exactly how I did this! (UGH- I had technical difficulties that night and couldn’t see any of the comments while they were happening – you’ll have to excuse my frustration!)

Can you even believe how perfect the paper pieces fit in the panels?  And WOW!! Apothecary is the PERFECT color with this paper- don’t you think?

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Using Water to Distress Chalk Style Paint


At this point, the piece is really pretty, but it needs more contrast, the paint is falling a little flat- so I decided to wet distress.  Have you ever done this? It is so super easy, and the best part is if you remove too much paint, its super easy to just paint more on the piece.  You do not seal it before distressing, so this magical paint blends like a dream.

This step-by-step video show exactly how I used water and a rag to distress this piece.  And believe me- it is so much fun!!

Here is a super close up.  I think wet distressing leaves such a pretty finish.  Don’t you?


Here is the final piece!!


Stay tuned for the final video showing exactly how I finished this piece.

Until next time,


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2 thoughts on “Easy Old World Finish

  1. Love this piece. Perfect color.

  2. I love it Jane! The color is dreamy and the tissue paper is gorgeous! Hopefully, you have that in stock because I have a record cabinet that I think would look fabulous with that tissue!!! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Phyllis

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