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How to use Texture Paste on Furniture

Hello friends! Summer has officially arrived –  and wow is it hot.  It seems like we went from 50 degrees to 90 within the span of a few days.  It seems like we just turned off the heater, and we are straight to the air conditioning.  No rest for the wicked right?  Yikes!

I’m so super happy that I don’t have to work in my garage any more as well. Having had my store, and now my studio, I don’t have to endure those super long days in the heat.  The one bonus was that the paint would dry really fast 😂 .  I’m really so glad to only be working on one piece at a time now.  There were years where I honestly did 5-7 pieces per day.  I was booked out for 6 months on custom pieces- I was literally an assembly line of dressers, dining sets and nightstands.  As much as I am grateful for how busy I was at that time, I could never go back.  I totally burned myself out.

As I grow as an artist and in my business, I feel so lucky to be able to paint what I want, and also apply my background as a teacher to show you how to do it too.  To say that I am thankful to be in this place in my life would be an understatement.  I get to play with art supplies every day of my life.  It’s so much fun!!

How to Create Mad Texture on Your Furniture Pieces

So I have this small wardrobe on wheels.  It looks like someone tried to glaze for the first time and the process went terribly wrong. It has really good bones though.  So I started playing around with color.  IMG_5072

I thought it amazing potential.  What’s funny is that I started with a whole different palette of colors and decided I didn’t like them.  Ha ha! Do you ever do that?  Good thing it’s just paint right?


I did end up using these on my kitchen table, however 😂 .

I grabbed my Bees Knees, Vanilla Frosting and Pebble Beach from Country Chic and started covering up the bad glaze job and my incorrect color choices.  I felt better instantly.

Layering Texture Over Paint

Now for the fun part! After I painted, I added some burnt umber glaze.  I love the effect that the glaze brings- tons of variation and dimension!


Enter the Stencil Texture Paste.  I mixed together some Vanilla Frosting with the paste to make my own color and got started. I wanted to add layers of goodness to this piece, so I used a palette knife and began laying in the paste. Oh my gosh it was so much fun!!


It definitely is a slow going process, but if you keep at it and keep building your texture, it is entirely worth it!!


I love how the paint colors and glaze pop through!


Layers of chunky goodness ♥️


Make sure you leave some areas of interest that pull the eye closer.


Don’t you just want to touch it??!!


I wanted to leave the bottom mostly bare from the paste so it looked like it had worn away over the years.  ❤️


Here is where I ended up with the front.  Gah! I love it!

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Have a great week!


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  1. Hi Jane! Looks like you are having fun. I’m not out there enough to take on customs but I don’t think I would like that. It would be too nerve wracking for me. Thank you for sharing your fun piece.

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