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Mixed Media Bird Part 1

Mixed Media Bird Tutorial Part 1

(You can watch this on my YouTube channel here)

Time passes by so quickly, it’s a wonder we get anything done. I love the sweetness of this piece so much.  It speaks volumes on how we can choose to see the world, and choose to see its goodness, and beauty and wonder:


I have been dreaming of creating my own version of this piece for years.  My inspiration is from an old Somerset Studio magazine.  I’ve had it earmarked for so long, so I chose this as my first project for you!

Somerset Apprentice

bird trio

I wanted to do a larger version, so I chose a 20″ x  20″ canvas, two Paint Pixie Brushes and two colors of Dylusions Paint from Ranger.  You can buy these right here.

I painted two coats of the Lime Green on the canvas, then put a coat of DIY Paint Big Top on top.  This creates a barrier for the next color.


After that layer is dry, add a sporadic coat of the turquoise on top, making sure to leave bits and pops of the green showing through.

I found some amazing old sheet music at a local antique mall.  They were only $2.50 for all three! It sure pays to do some digging if you have the time. There were many to choose from, and I left some behind for next time.


I chose the “Old Man Sunshine” music and sketched out my bird with a piece of vine charcoal.


Cut your bird out and set aside.


I wanted something to mimic or depict the sun.  Something circular that could pop right in to the upper corner, and the bird would sort of look up at it.  I chose the IOD Transfer of the 12 x 12 “Five O’Clock Tea” clock.  I thought it was perfect, as I was thinking about the significance of the passing of time, and how fast life is in general.


This is going to be so cute!


That’s it for part 1.  Come back this week for the finale. I’m using DIY Paint products, and some vine charcoal to finish this sweet birdie!

Until then,

Jane xoxo


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