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Mixed Media Bird Part 2


You can watch the video version of this project on YouTube!


I wanted some kind of graphic that would mimic the round idea of “sun”.  I thought this clock transfer from IOD was just perfect.  I peeled of the white backing, and placed it in a few different locations, looking for the perfect fit.  That is when I decided I wanted most of the transfer in the corner, omitting just a small portion.

Take your applicator, an old credit card, or an old hotel key card and begin rubbing the transfer onto the canvas, taking time to be careful, as your surfaces vary from the wood frame to just canvas.


Because the transfer is a little bit lighter than the vintage sheet music, I needed to make those two elements a little more cohesive.  Enter Dark & Decrepit Liquid Patina from DIY Paint.


I dry brushed a layer of this patina glaze right over the transfer, avoiding the inside of the clock where there is no transfer.



I used the Crystal Clear Chandelier Liquid Patina to decoupage my bird, and its perch.  Full video instructions can be found here.


Let this layer dry completely, then, cover the whole canvas with another coat of the Crystal Clear Chandelier Liquid Patina.  Let that layer dry, and we are ready to add the vines and leaves!


Using a piece of vine charcoal, start drawing in your vines and a few leaves.  Then, outline the bird, the perch, and draw in a beak and a slight wing.


Take the Lime Green Dylusions acrylic paint, and lightly fill in the leaves along your vine.



Let that layer dry, then top the entire piece in one more coat of DIY Paint Big Top and this sweet little bird will be preserved to give you (or someone else) a lot of joy for years to come.




Until next time,

Jane xoxoxoxo

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