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Nests in Your Hair: Part 1

You can see the video version of this on my YouTube Channel.


Funny Story.  I earmarked this page in Stampington & Company’s “Hand Crafted” magazine in 2011.  Seven years ago! Flipping back through this year, I found this quote from Confucius so pertinent to my life.  “You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over your head, but you can prevent them from building nests in your hair”.

handCrafted sorrow

Over the last four years, I have gone through a TON of adversity – my husband lost his job, I opened a store with a partner I didn’t know, I finished my Masters Degree, I was forced out of said store, I had to put two dogs down within 10 days of each other (ugh – that was TERRIBLE!), and finally, I just opened another huge (about 3000 square feet!) marketplace.

I decided THIS was the inspiration project I was looking for. Now- because this is an INSPIRATION project, I wanted to create my own version of it.  I grabbed some alcohol inks (get them here) and a 24″ x 24″ canvas and got started.


I chose three colors: caramel, wild plum and stream.  Place a few drops of each on your applicator, and stamp on your canvas, making sure to continually turn your hand so there is not a noticeable pattern.


I so love how alcohol inks blend on their own, together, creating cells like a science experiment!

Enter DIY Paint products (you can order all DIY Paint products from my website here.)  First, I sealed the alcohol inks with Big Top.  I don’t want to reactivate the inks with any of the other mediums I’m putting on top of them.  I need them to still show through and not get muddled.


I need to tone down the background and add some visual interest, so I’m adding a layer of White Swan.


I began by squirting water directly into my can of White Swan to create a wash.  The consistency is much thinner, but the color does not dilute at all!

Place the White Swan in various places, moving in both directions with a very light touch to create super neat texture (you can see the video version here). to remove some areas, I used a wet Paint Pixie Frenchie brush and reactivated the drying paint.  This creates depth as you have very light and opaque whites, and then the super dark alcohol inks below.


I let this dry, then sealed with another coat of Big Top.

I felt like one more mid-tone would really make this piece pop, so I pulled in some Prom Queen.  This is a gorgeous light blue, and the tone is perfect with the rest of the colors in the composition.

I applied it using a dry brush technique, still moving in both directions and feathering the paint.  The result is super pretty!!


Let this dry, then seal with another coat of Big Top.

I’ll see you soon for Part 2!



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