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Nests in Your Hair, Part 2

You can watch the video version of this project on my YouTube Channel.



When we last chatted, I was letting the Big Top dry over the background and was ready to start creating my girl.

I lightly sketched in the girl with a soft charcoal pencil.  The lines are easy to erase if you don’t end up covering them with paint.  Then, using White Swan, Cake Batter, and Sandy Blonde, I began to add some skin tones to her face.


I’m not sure of adding in face details.  Right now, I think she looks pretty anonymous, kind of like us all. Trying to weather whatever storm we are in, trying to stay positive, work hard, and actually accomplish something worthwhile.  Trying NOT to let the birds of sorrow nest in our hair.  So for right now, I’m leaving her this way, and starting on the hair.

Prom Queen was my instant choice for the hair.  It goes with some of the tones in the background, but I also needed something dark for contrast.  I grabbed Weathered Wood.  The result is perfect!


Well, she really can’t be floating like this, so I work on her shirt next.  I needed some dark contrast, so I grabbed Bohemian Blue, Kissing Booth, and a little Prom Queen and started blending.  I think she is looking mighty fine!


I’m ready to start adding the finishing touches to the composition.  I printed my quote on a heavy card stock from my laser printer, and started laying the words on the piece.  Next, I grabbed a few branches and some birds to check out my overall composition.


Im thinking we have a winner!  Now to secure everything down.  I grabbed my ever trusty Crystal Clear Chandelier Liquid Patina to decoupage the words down. Then I peeled off the backing from the two branches and transferred them on top of her head. Then the beautiful Blue Bird was ready to sit in his nest.

I was not sure if I was going to add anything in the upper right hand corner, as this is a space that tends to get overlooked when a person reads a page, but ultimately, I loved how this crowned little bird looked, and I felt like a little bit of dark contrast would work.  I did lightly pencil in some details for her eyes, leaving her innocent, and anonymous.


One continuous lesson I have learned is that no matter what, you can’t give up.  You can’t let stress, anxiety, and fear stop you from achieving what you want.  You just have to keep going, and don’t gather any nests along the way.  Wash those nests out of your hair!

Until next time,

xoxo Jane


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