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The New Farmhouse Decorating

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Are you ready for the new wave of farmhouse decorating? Thanks to Chip and Joanna and all the decorators in between, rustic farmhouse style has been around for years. And guess what? It’s evolving! So here’s what it takes to create a modern farmhouse vibe in any home.

Before You Decorate, Make A Farmhouse Mood Board

If you don’t know where to start, make a mood board! In fact, start one even if you don’t have immediate plans to redecorate. A mood board is a map of your funky, creative mind. It’s great for strategy and will save you money (I don’t know about you, but when I shop I don’t always have a plan). Start a digital board on Pinterest or create one on a bulletin board or in a notebook. Fill it with magazine clippings, fabric swatches, paint chips, and anything you find inspiring. After awhile, you’ll see a consistent style. Now look at the components you like the most and start to plan. You can check mine out right here.

Farmhouse Decorating with Recycled Items

Before rushing to the store, shop your own home. Look for furniture to paint or reuse, baskets, boxes, and small decorative items. Refer back to your mood board but stay open-minded.  Adapt the design for what you find. Being flexible while decorating opens the door to creativity.

Check out this video I did using napkins to make over my own kitchen table!

Here’s to Painting Farmhouse Furniture!

You all know I love to paint furniture. It’s a miracle cure for tired, dated pieces. The old farmhouse trend was all about white walls and black furniture accents. But color is making a comeback. You may choose to keep the walls light, but a small side table or accent chair is the perfect opportunity to introduce color. Who says a farmhouse can’t have a pink dresser? A splash of the unexpected will kick up your style.


Use Plants for Rustic Decorating!

Farmhouse decorating is inspired by the country and outdoors. You have to have plants. Don’t have a green thumb? No worries. The faux plants and greenery made today are realistic and not tacky. Think about scale when adding plants. Oversized plants are great for corners or tucked behind a table. Small potted plants should be placed in groups of 3 or with other things like on a bookshelf or a tray. Otherwise, they will get lost. Don’t leave them floating alone on a table. Give them a setting. Also, this is a great opportunity to upcycle old planters and pots. Give them a coat of paint to match your room. Try a white wash over terra cotta pots for an antiqued, aged effect.

Here is a video using an aging technique for terra cotta pots!

Hygge Farmhouse: Textured Rugs, Pillows and Throws

Hygge (the Danish term for cozy and comfortable) is an important part of new farmhouse decorating. A room should have a mix of textures for depth, character and coziness. So when you’re choosing an area rug, look for plush fibers and interesting weaves. Don’t forget throw blankets and accent pillows embellished with embroidery, ruffles, tassels or beadwork.


This is one of my favorite designs – you can grab it right here.


Baskets, Books and Bits

In general, the new farmhouse trend is warmer and less minimalist. Use small accents to fill in nooks and crannies. Rethink books. They aren’t just for reading. Use them as décor.  Group books with the same color spine and cover. This keeps them from looking cluttered and makes the design cohesive. Or, cover books in fabrics or paper to match the room. Have you seen the basket gallery walls? Who knew baskets could look so cool? I also love, love, love trays for seasonal décor. Create arrangements on a couple trays and then place them on an ottoman or table. It’s so easy for holiday decorating.


Image source: https://www.kellyelko.com/basket-gallery-wall/

Show Your Metal, Your Galvanized Metal

A quick trip to a farm supply store will show you where the galvanized trend began. Feeders and bins are metal for durability but I love galvanized for its rustic charm. Hardware and supply stores are two of my favorite places to pick up galvanized metal accents. But lest you get stuck in a galvanized rut, throw in some different metals like nickel, brass and gold. Mix your metals. It’s ok. This is eclectic styling at its best. (P.S. – old hardware and tools make great decorative accents).


Be A Collector

Remember the minimalist farmhouse? Well, it’s time to fill it in. Collecting is back. And I’m not talking about Precious Moments figurines. Why not gather up all the stray pencils you have lying around the house and group them in a jar? How about old erasers or spoons? My favorite are vintage bottles.  They look pretty grouped together on a shelf or tabletop. Elevate the common object to works of art. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 9.30.58 AM

Image source: https://homebnc.com/best-coastal-farmhouse-decor-design-ideas/


So tell me, what are you doing to update your farmhouse style?

Until next time,

Jane xoxo

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