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Top 4 Mid-Century Modern Decorating Trends

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Remember when Mad Men made us all long for the days of cocktail lunches and men in suits lounging on sleek, mid-century modern (MCM) sofas? Long before Chip and Joanna were household names, MCM came roaring back, teaching a whole new generation an appreciation for the Eames chair. Is MCM style over? I don’t think so. The designs are too good. But it is changing and starting to look different. Over the next few weeks we’ll explore today’s MCM decorating trends.

Before forging ahead, let’s look back. Here are 4 things to know about mid-century modern decorating.

Googie! Go Google It.

No, I didn’t make this word up. Googie is a thing and it’s part of mid-century modern design. Googie is an architectural style inspired by the space race, rocket era and futurism. Have you ever watched “The Jetsons”? Well, Googie buildings have a Jetsons look. They’re soaring saucers with wide-open interiors. Why is it important to understand Googie? Because futurism plays a part in shapes and motifs seen throughout the MCM movement. So get to know your Googie, and perhaps catch a couple episodes of “The Jetsons.” 



Image Source: http://millem2.over-blog.com/2014/05/comment-creer-un-interieur-chaleureux-en-bleu.html

Keep the Furniture Low

The next time you watch a sitcom or show from the Mid Century, take a long look at the furniture. The couches have low backs, coffee tables and end tables are shorter to match. The entire look emphasizes longer lines and less clutter when eyes scan a room. So look for furniture with a low profile, and notice how it’s okay to mix and match many colors as long as the styles are the same.


Image source: unknown from Pinterest

Mid-Century Modern Means Lighting is Everything

Most MCM living rooms didn’t have big ceiling lights (although can spotlights became popular). Lamps were crucial and everywhere. Floor lamps and matching table lamps defined living spaces and provided much-needed lighting. It’s worth investing in coordinating lamps. It will pull your room together.


I absolutely love this pendant lamp.  you can grab one right here.


Image Source: https://www.livabl.com/2018/02/13-mid-century-modern-living-rooms.html

Be Ready for A Mid Century Party

This is my favorite part of MCM design. Living rooms weren’t arranged around a television, they were set for conversation. Backyards had big patios for impromptu get-togethers. Mid-century homes had large living spaces, fireplaces and kitchens made for entertaining. Maybe that’s why we all love it so much. While not all our homes are blessed with open layouts, it’s good to keep entertaining in mind as you decorate. Create spaces for sitting and master a few quick appetizers so having company isn’t stressful.


Image Source: https://www.midcenturyhome.com/modern-residence-baldridge-architects/

Just like today, the mid-century had many different home styles and design trends. Hindsight is 20/20. We’re looking back at MCM with a clear vision of what worked. What is your favorite thing about Mid Century Modern?

Starting next week, we will go room by room so you can style your home with ease.

See you then!



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