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Vintage Book/Music Sheet Ornaments

Hello and welcome back! I have been on a blog hiatus for awhile, but I’m back for more. How have you been?

I love Holiday crafting- well, who am I kidding, I love crafting in general (hee hee)

Is it a staple of your family’s seasonal routine?

If it’s not, perhaps you wish it were.

Holiday crafting helps you create fond memories to last a lifetime with those most dear to you. 

And the finished product? That will serve as a lovely reminder of those special moments year after year.  

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One of my favorite things to do is wander around antique malls and thrift stores. During one of my recent trips, I found these super cute vintage tart tins, and decided to make some ornaments with them. Aren’t they so stinking cute?

Vintage Tart Tin Ornaments

I used soft gel, Judykins Diamond Glaze and some hot glue with German Glass Glitter.

Check out the Facebook Live I did showing exactly how I made these. (Note: the kits are sold out).

PS- I love the Santa necklaces I made during this live too!

Here in 2020, finding moments to be together – connected and joyful – seems ever more important, doesn’t it? Whether you can set up a safe gathering to fit your traditional holiday schedule or you’re planning  Zoom calls to feel a little more near (even though you might be far away), creating together is the perfect activity to share in the joy of the season. 

Vintage Book Page Ornaments

These ornament are so easy to make and add cheerful holiday spirit to the precious time you have together – even if it’s virtual. 

To start, you’ll need to grab some vintage books, or music sheets. If you are printing these items, it is highly recommended to print these sheets on a laser printer to deter the ink from lifting off the paper during the decoupage process. Take your sheets and tear them into pieces. Make note of any special figures or art you’d like to keep whole to feature on your ornament.

Here is a short version of the project (Note: these kits have sold out):

Use the softgel to adhere the pieces to your ornament. Smooth out any big creases or bubbles. 

Continue to layer to fill the surface of your ornament. 

Once the surface of the ornament is covered in paper, sprinkle your glitter on to the ornament. You may wish to sprinkle by hand or by gently pouring from the container. If you find your ornament is “too dry” for glitter to stick, add a little more soft gel to the surface. Of course, you can also skip the glitter if you don’t wish to use it.

Next, you’ll want to cut your tags. You can cut a simple rectangle shape or something more elaborate. If you have larger paper punches at home, these would work as well. 

Once you have your tag cut, use the DIY Paint Dark & Decrepit Patina and Marquis paint to create an aged look on the tag. You can choose the desired effect using a combination of the paints.  

Once the tag is complete, you can tie it around the top of the ornament. Here I’ve used twine but you could use any string you have available. 

Once your ornament is dry, it is ready to hang. Or, gift to someone special.

Here is the entire Facebook Live showing everything step-by-step:

Looking for more holiday projects? Check out this AMAZING project from my friend Amanda over at Amanda Made:



What have you made for holiday crafts? Drop a note below and let me know!

Until next time!


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